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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Collaborating with the Brazilian community in Switzerland and the Swiss community in Brazil, along with governments and key stakeholders, the Brazil-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Service (CHamBR) is dedicated to advancing bilateral business interests. Our mission is to strategically promote and facilitate robust economic and commercial connections between the two nations, fostering the growth of small businesses, as well as medium and large companies, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to mutual prosperity.

Joseph MARQUES President of the Board of Directors

We are guided by the values of transparency, honesty, integrity, trust, and cooperation, and our vision is to become an important agent, promoting greater economic, social, and cultural integration, and to be a reference in exchanges, in all its forms, between Brazil and Switzerland.




Strengthen economic and social ties between the two nations, fostering closer collaboration among companies and catalyzing bilateral trade growth. Join us in promoting a thriving network that transcends borders, propelling businesses towards mutual success and prosperity.


Step into the beating heart of opportunity. This is your exclusive gateway to a vibrant network where Brazilian and Swiss entrepreneurs converge, creating a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and collaboration. As a member, you’ll experience a celebration of synergies, forging meaningful connections that transcend borders.


Unleash the power of collaboration within CHamBR—a synergy hub where Brazilian and Swiss minds converge. Here, collective brilliance fuels innovation, propelling businesses to new heights. Join us to amplify your impact and forge lasting partnerships that transcend borders.

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Elevate your brand through our expansive network. Benefit from targeted promotions that amplify your visibility, connecting you with potential partners and clients on a national and international scale.


Navigate challenges with confidence. Our support system is your safety net, providing guidance, resources, and a community that stands with you through every business milestone.


Experience a benchmark of excellence. As a member, access resources and expertise that set industry standards, ensuring the quality and longevity of your business endeavors.


Step into a world of opportunities. From exclusive networking forums to industry insights, our events offer a curated platform for learning, collaboration, and seizing new business prospects.


Ignite meaningful connections. Engage with like-minded entrepreneurs, tapping into a vibrant ecosystem where ideas flourish, collaborations thrive, and innovation is a constant.


Celebrate success and camaraderie. Join our Happy Hours—a blend of networking and relaxation, fostering connections in a laid-back atmosphere. Unwind, connect, and toast to collective achievements.

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